FPGA Based Application Design

FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) technology was first found in 1985 by Ross Freeman , one of the founders of Xilinx . Later on, the technology developed very rapidly, producing critical solutions to the needs of the industry.


FPGA consists of programmable semiconductors as structure. This allows users to do parallel operations very easily and quickly. In other words, although it may change according to programming and capacity, many operations can be carried out independently at the same time.


It has many advantages over microcontrollers but the FPGA compilation stage is much more difficult compared to microcontrollers like PIC, Atmel, etc.  HDL (Hardware Description Language) is used in FPGA programming, which is very different from the usual C programming and is complicated.


Programming FPGA is now easier with the LabVIEW FPGA Module , which is the product of our partner National Instruments. However, in order to develop applications, it is necessary to have knowledge and experience about FPGA hardware as well as programming.

As AnsoLab Elektronik , with our experience in the applications we developed in the past based on FPGA, we help our customers in their R&D applications, high speed data collection, etc. We provide turnkey solutions as well as technical support and training services in the fields.

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