DAQ System Design (IPETRONIK)

IPETRONIK provides special solutions for the automobile, bus and truck producers.

Loggers are based on CAN Bus and they are mostly used in recording and acquiring CAN packages. In addition to this, there are analog and digital modules which are ready-to-use solutions for most applications.

IPEmotion is a software platform and is used to acquire data from loggers. There is also a plug-in environment which enables third party devices talk to IPEmotion. With this option, users can easily develop data acquisition and control systems using IPEmotion without using IPETRONIK loggers. For more information; https://www.ipetronik.com/plugins-en.html.

For more details of loggers; https://www.ipetronik.com/data-loggers.html

For more details of modules; https://www.ipetronik.com/modules.html

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