As AnsoLab Elektronik, our first aim is to provide test and measurement solutions for our customers' R&D applications. We know that R&D applications are already taking serious amount of time and time is one of the most expensive thing in nowadays. We aim to reduce this cost with our experiences in the field.

We also think that R&D costs are not only reduced by learning how to use the technology but also learning how to produce it. At this this point we provide solutions to our customers by using hardware and software of our partner IPETRONIK and National Instruments.
We have almost 9 years of experience at developing and designing Data Acquisition Systems. We use this much experience to help our customers by delivering trainings or developing systems for their needs.

We would like to meet you to introduce our capabilities more effectively. If you can send your contact information to, we'll be glad to reach you as soon as possible.
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AnsoLab Elektronik

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